Friday, February 10, 2006

Addresses! Hoorah!

Here is my address for anyone who wants to mail me something:
ps--the English one works! I did receive a letter there!

Burke Travis
PO Box 236
1 Cvobodi St.
Donetsk Oblast
Ukraine, 84122

or Russian

Барк Тревис
ул. Свободы, 1
г. Славянск
Донецкая Обл.
Украина 84122


Friday, January 13, 2006

You know you're in Ukraine when...

You consider -10 C not too bad
You keep food in between the doors (real Ukraine there)
You buy bleach at the post office
You know by smell whether you're going to have green or red borscht
You wear two pairs of pants at all times (sometimes three)
You know what the elektrichka is, or better yet, how it smells
You play at snowballs, go in for sports, and say, "To my mind"
Your jackets are red with black or black with red...and sponsored.
Vodka is considered a dish with breakfast.
Vodka is considered a substitute for breakfast.
You think nothing of standing with 23 other people in a small minivan for a three hour journey.
You don't whistle inside, ever.
The coolest thing you own is your scarf.
You cant read cursive...and have a sneaking suspicion noone else can either.
Chai has replaced your word for tea (as well as shkoff and voksall)

More to come...

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Ok, I've been kinda careless in getting this blog started...but I've had all kinds of more important shit to deal with...yeah...right...
I finally bought into pop culture and am lovin' it--I'm just another asshole with an iPod...but i really do enjoy it--i've got something like 4.2 days of music on it--and still have room for another 5k of songs...pretty cool--what's that? what am i listening to right now? a lot of african music after seeing Constant Gardener--d/l'd quite a bit--thanks to DSL.
The ukrainian language, not going so well...right now i could find a turd in a shithouse if i had to ask...but hopefully, i'll get the hang of it...
Starting to definitely freak out right now...tried to clean my room, throw away what i don't need, but i didn't do so well, so i'm just gonna cut and run (or actually, bike)
ok--that's enough for now--
check out ayub ogada--"Khothbiro" it's sick...

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

my first blog!

goodness...i thought it would be different--romantic, candles, love, passion--instead it was quick and over before i knew it...umm, i'm talking about starting this blog...
I figured I should start one before i left for Ukraine with Peace Corps--record thoughts, ambitions, memories, blah blah blah...
Okay-have to run and teach my adult students how to write...